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APPLICATION FOR CREDIT Terms are Net 30 Days, MAC Name: Division: Date: / / Year Established: Years at this address: Company or Individual Applying for Credit Physical Address: City/State/Zip: Phone:
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hi everybody Marco Carvajal here from business credit blogger calm today's video we're going to talk about easy approval net 30 accounts by the time you're done watching this video presentation you're going to learn 5 vendors that you can get net 30 account setup with to help you build your business credit whether your startup or existing business so let's get started now its first and foremost what exactly is a net 30 account a net 30 account is when a vendor supplier or other business extends a line of credit to your business on net 30 day terms it's important to realize though with net 30 accounts the majority of vendors and suppliers will allow you to purchase only products and services on credit with their particular store or their particular company with their products and services whereas we have a line of credit with like a MasterCard or Visa card that's where you can use it anywhere well what a net 30 account means is basically allows you to buy their products on 30 day terms which means you have to repay it you can purchase their products and services upfront without having to pay for it but in 30 days you have to pay your invoices due, so that's why it's called a net 30 account there's up other types of net 30 accounts there's actually also net 60 day account terms so net 30 or net accounts basically is just allowing you to buy products and services up front pay the payment in a due time frame which is 36 or even 90-day terms depending on the supplier or vendor but for this video presentation we're gonna talk about net 30 accounts in some easier approval ones that you can get up there ready to talk about five of them so by the end you'll be able to get five vendor accounts set up on reporting your business card reporting agencies, and we also have a bonus at the end to share with you how to add an eight more trade references on your business credit report now on the bottom you'll see business credit builders that are GeForce last business — credit if you want a complete list of easy net easy approval net 30 accounts on the definitely check out our step-by-step business credit building system now why should you use a net 30 account as a business owner well the first thing obviously gives you the opportunity to buy products and service especially if your startup, and you're looking to conserve your cash you get my products and services your company means and gives you at least some a 30-day window before you have to actually pay the invoice sometimes it's unique to be able to buy supplies you may need on that 30-day terms because those supplies will allow you to turn a profit sell create your products sell it and give you some time once you sell it you could take the proceeds and pay your invoice, so that's a unique way to utilize net 30 accounts you could serve to cash flow the other thing this allows you to do as a business allows you to establish trade references when you fill out credit applications as a business you'll notice that...
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